In the panoramic restaurant

Flavour is centre stage

Breakfast comprising delicious healthy options

Every day, the good food experience starts with breakfast. 
In the bright restaurant overlooking the sea, a good morning buffet awaits you until 10.30 am, with everything you could wish for upon awaking.
If you favour a light option in the morning, there is a refined, light food corner to cater to your well-being. 
Yogurt, cereal, fresh fruit, juice and detox herbal tea. There are also organic, vegan and gluten free options.
A really healthy start to your relaxing day that will set a smile on your face and replenish your body.
The coffee is strictly express, and the cappuccino is soft and creamy just like they make it at your favourite bar. 
Homemade pastries and cakes vary every morning. 
Irresistible chocolate cakes, tarts and doughnuts, muffins, croissants and plum cakes. 
Think of something yummy, it will be there for you. 

And for those who appreciate an American Breakfast, we offer savoury specialties for all tastes. Eggs and bacon, cold cuts, a selection of cheese and fresh bread of all kinds for your sandwiches. 
A truly irresistible good morning.


And after a breakfast like that, lunch is exactly as you would want it: 
light, tasty and easy (if you choose the Baia Box takeaway you can also enjoy it on the beach, so you don’t forgo a minute of sun!). 
Choose what inspires you most: first courses of the day, fresh salads, and a wide selection of tempting side dishes.



A triumph of good, genuine, local products. Our young chef Giancarlo Bruccoleri and his team will make the best traditional dishes for you revisited with elegance, skill and a pinch of creativity! Every evening, you can choose from first and second, meat and fish courses for a close encounter with the true flavours of the region. 

And if it is true that, as the great chef Brillat Savarin used to say ...a meal without wine is like a day without sunshine.... 
on every occasion, our team will give you advice on the perfect glass to go with your dishes directly from the wineries of our inland areas.