A cosy sheltered oasis of Wellness

Endless pampering in water

In classical Rome, spa treatments were a luxury that no one could forgo. Here at Hotel Baia Imperiale on the ground floor there is an area that is entirely dedicated to your relaxation with an indoor heated swimming pool. The pool water, which has a waterfall and a whirlpool (over 30 sqm with a depth of 1.15 m) has a high salt concentration due to the addition of Cervia Salt, known for its beneficial, healing properties.

In addition to the swimming pool, there is also:

-a glass sauna with a wall of Himalayan salt, the combination of a precious, ancient element like salt blends with the intense sauna heat for moments of pure well-being; 
-a dream Shower Experience in a tropical shower with chromo-therapy with magical water games at different temperatures and intensities, cold aromatic mist, colours that regenerate body and spirit, and a Scottish shower with an ice waterfall designed to stimulate the tissues, promote circulation and skin elasticity;
-a sweet corner dedicated to detoxifying infusions and herbal teas. 

Your private corner to feel regenerated, and to find your balance again, freeing your mind and easing your body.

A unique time for you to enjoy

Feel rejuvenated with our wellness opportunities...

To access the wellness area and to use its services, it is mandatory to wear a swimming cap.
Children can access from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, access is for a limited time and by reservation