Visiting Rimini and its surroundings

From the city centre to the unique countryside

“Rimini is one and a thousand souls”, a city that will leave you speechless at any time of the year, 
and in summer, it expresses its true essence, 
the Dolce Vita, with its wide beaches of soft sand, 
the friendly smiles of the people, and its many lively and unique events and cultural meetings.


The city centre is a 15-minute walk from Hotel Baia Imperiale along three different routes.
The route of Fellini and the twentieth century. 
This route, which starts in Borgo San Giuliano with its colourful fishermen's houses that are a tribute to the work of the great film director, passes the Fulgor, an old cinema that has just been restored, and leads to the renovated Galli Theatre, which has just risen from the ashes of the Second World War bombs.  
Then there is the Renaissance route, which winds through historical gems 
such as the Temple and the Fortress, which belonged to the great Malatesta family, lords of Rimini.
And lastly, there is the route of the Roman era that retraces the ancient splendour of Classic Imperial Rimini with significant remains like the Arch of Augustus, the Surgeon's Domus and the ancient Tiberius Bridge.


The whole area of the Riviera, on the gentle hills of the province of Rimini, is dotted with fascinating historical villages and small towns that are veritable jewels of art. Just a few minutes away by car, you can see the small, independent State of San Marino, which is perched on the top of Mount Titano, and which with its medieval towers, is the oldest republic in the world.
Many castles in the area are linked to mysterious stories and legends such as the one of San Leo and the imprisonment of the alchemist Ariosto, Montebello and the ghost of little Azzurrina, and, if you stray into the nearby Marche region, Gradara and the ill-fated love story between Paolo and Francesca. 
The many noteworthy places of interest in the area also include Santarcangelo and Pennabilli, which is bound to the memory of the beloved poet Tonino Guerra.

Many are the places of interest that dot Rimini and its surroundings...
for a complete guide to the city and some personalised advice on how to explore the unparalleled views, please ask at reception: Massimo, Cristina and Cinzia will be happy to help you.