Rimini Exhibition Centre

Just a few kilometers from Rivabella and San Giuliano Mare

Only a few kilometres from the hotels Imperial Beach and Baia Imperiale, stands the Rimini Exhibition Centre, a futuristic facility located along the Via Emilia, in the heart of the modern Rimini Expo Centre. Those staying in the Rimini hotels can access the Centre through the South entrance of Via Emilia.

This exhibition centre was launched in 2001 and designed by Studio GMP Hamburg, who took care of appearance and features in relation to the area where it is located.

The centre is located north of the city and covers a total area of over 460,000 square metres, 160,000 of which are green areas. Within the facility are a railway station, a bus terminal and a heliport. Sixteen halls, three press rooms, two restaurants, ten dining areas, twenty conference rooms and over 11,000 parking spaces, complete one of the best equipped facilities dedicated to big events in Italy.

Catering is provided by two restaurants, managed by leading international chefs: the VIP restaurants Malatesta and Riviera have a seating capacity of 150 each, while the self- service Le Palme can accommodate up to 550 people.

Other dining spots are not lacking, located in the more peripheral areas of the facility, in the central hall and along the various pavilions. The latter are true technological gems: dimmable, air-conditioned and with fibre Wi- FI, they are devoid of internal columns to allow a better flow of the crowd and have a single span, with vaulted ceilings made of wood. Each hall is 60 metres long and 96 wide, and all 16 are linked by a covered and air-conditioned walkway.

The Rimini Exhibition Centre has been built to fit in perfectly with the environment and ensures a limited impact, featuring as it does very extensive green areas scattered over the entire perimeter: 160,000 square metres of gardens, lawns and trees make the area even more pleasant. 115 thousand square metres of the area feature photovoltaic systems, installed in all the halls, in order to ensure perfect cooling of the facility. Finally, all the wood used to make the interiors and outside of the Exhibition Area comes from consciously managed Scandinavian forests. The railway station and the bus terminal were also built with the intention of lightening the environmental impact of traffic.

The Rimini Exhibition Centre is now famous for the number and quality of the events hosted in it. Not to be missed are the international gelato production and bakery shows, the great vintage car and motorcycle shows, the international exhibition of beer specialties, the technology and sound show, and again, the by now famous Rimini Wellness event, the largest one dedicated to fitness, sports and wellness. In short, the Rimini Exhibition Centre is a facility designed for the entertainment of the whole family, located only a few kilometres from your hotel.